How to Propose a Show With Us:

Copy and paste the questions below into an email to us with your responses. Refer to the guidelines below. Please keep each response less than 500 words.



Title of Exhibition:

Describe the Exhibition:

Describe the installation process, materials & timeframe:

Describe your creative philosophy behind this exhibition. What are your goals?

Please include up to 10 jpgs of your work and/or a link to your work online with your email response.
Exhibition Guidelines

Peanut Gallery serves as a collective studio space as well as an installation project space, created to encourage and promote artists living and working in Chicago. Peanut Gallery will provide the following:

1. A clean, alterable exhibition space with adjustable track lighting and 3 moveable walls on castors.

  • The ceiling is tin and therefore cannot be drilled into or altered.
  • The flooring is linoleum tile and therefore cannot be drilled into or painted.
  • Exterior walls are plaster, moveable walls are drywall and plywood.

2. Approximately two weeks for installation so that the artist can execute large, ambitious projects.
3. Promotion of the project via announcements and updates on Peanut Gallery’s website and Facebook, as well as inclusion in e-blasts to all of the gallery’s contacts.
4. A write up on the artist and project, written in-house based on provided information (artist’s CV, bio and project description), as well a verbal discussion between the artist and Peanut Gallery (the artist is welcome to write this him/herself or in collaboration with the gallery if he/she’d prefer to).
5. Documentation of the project online and inclusion in our online store.

The following is expected of the artist:

1. The artist is solely responsible for transporting their work to and from the gallery.
2. Provide all materials included in the project as well as any tools or assistance necessary to install the project (we have some, but don’t rely on us).
3. Have a the project completed and ready to install prior to the first day of installation, within reason. Site-specific installations can be created in the space, of course.
4. By the first day of installation, the artist must fill out a detailed form(s) describing each piece of artwork and how much it costs if it’s for sale.
5. Complete the installation and de-installation within the agreed upon time frame. This can vary from artist to artist based on the complexity of the project and will be discussed in person prior to the first day of installation.
6. Maintenance of the project after the initial opening. The artist is expected to keep the project in the same condition for the duration of the exhibition.
7. After de-installation, return the space to its original appearance. This includes the complete removal of project and installation materials, painting/patching up the walls, as well as any other miscellaneous alterations. This is to ensure that the following Peanut Gallery artist has the same quality space available to them. Most importantly, the artist is expected to work efficiently and effectively, and to have open and honest communication with the staff at Peanut Gallery. The artist can and should expect the same of the staff at Peanut Gallery.

*Please note that work sold at or through Peanut Gallery or its website is subject to a 20/80 commission (PG takes 20% of sales) so please price your work accordingly.