Ugly Smile curated by Michael Rea and Geoffrey Todd Smith

Daniel Schmid: Where There’s Smoke…

Derek Weber: Melting

Corinne Halbert: M is for Murder

Erik Peterson: Six Sigils for St. Lucifer

Sean Hernandez: Ghost Town

Randi Drozd: An Exploration of Transmigration and Newer Works

David Sprecher: Anchors

Erik Lundquist & Paul Stacey: Confluence of Paper

Danielle Chenette: Your Future Family (curated by Autotelic Studios)

DMOTE and EWOK: No Coast Crusade (curated by RVCA)

Sarah Williams & Ashley Williams: The Herding

Emre Kocagil: Very

Paul Perkins: Dead Heat

Mike Hill Retrospective (curated by Vans)

UIUC MFA show: Artificial Turf

Luke Pelletier: Lonely Bones

Mark Porter: Autohemorrhaging Actuators

Positive Reinforcement

David Sprecher: FOOL

Form Over Function

Wipe Out

Jim Ricks: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Locals Only

Birthday Show: Cold Pizza, Warm Beer

Lauren La Rose

Brandon Howe & Charlie Megna: Strange Harmonies


Dark Matters (curated by Andrea Jablonski)

No Girls Allowed




Pussy Galore